101 Excel Tips – Part 1

Hi Guys,

Welcome to Excel Man 101 Excel Smart Tips Series,

In this series, we are going to learn 101 Excel Tricks that will help you in enhancing your Excel Working also your speed of using Excel will increase as well

So, we are starting with our first trick which is

How to repeat the last action in Excel??

Now first learn what it means

It will help us in the place where we want to apply one thing in Excel again & again but does not want to follow the normal way but to do it in one click or in one button

Well if you want to do it, just follow the small procedure of pressing F4

Now, what F4 does is, repeats the last action for you, for example:- If you had made a cell bold & want to apply it again just press F4

You can also watch this below video to learn it too easily

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