Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Intermediate


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About Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Intermediate


It’s time to show who’s the boss. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you want to become a pro-Excel user, you’ve come to the right place.


This course is going to give you a detailed understanding of Microsoft Excel, & after that, we are going to discuss formulas and functions that transform your Excel spreadsheet from a normal worksheet into a reliable, dynamic, and powerful tool.


Why this course is worth joining??

This course worth your attention, because most of the Excel courses will teach you simply what each feature & formula of Excel does, however, I am going to teach you contextual examples which are designed to show you why these features & formulas are super awesome & the process of how they can be applied in various ways to transform Excel into anything you want. I will train you not only to record data & use formulas, but I am also going to teach you how to THINK & TRANSFORM Excel.


By the completion of the course you’ll be able to:

1. Start using Excel as a tool of your journey towards success

2. Writing robots dynamic Excel Formulas

3. Easy build dynamic reports in Excel

4. Design your own Excel Formula to define your needs

5. Become the boss and design your own formula-based Excel formatting rules

6. Join datasets from multiple sources with Excel’s LOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH functions

7. Manipulate dates, times, text, and arrays

8. Maintain large sets of Excel data in the way you want

9. Use Excel 100 Times faster by mastering Excel Shortcuts

10. Make dynamic reports wth features of reducing errors by using Data Validation

11. Use Excel as an Analytics tool by using Filters & Pivot Tables

12. Understand how Excel understand you to feel its power



Although there are no fixed eligibility criteria but deep desire to learn Excel is required. With this, anyone with the very basic knowledge of using a computer can join as we are going to start from very scratch



The course continues 10 hours of videos and Excel Exercise Workbooks


Salient features of Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Intermediate Course:-

1. Completely online, no bar on access. You can access it anytime and from anywhere

2. Everything is discussed with an example & detailed cases so that practical situations. Issues in its applicability faced by the industries and businesses are covered and discussed with solution

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